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Andrew Plassard

I'm in the process of finishing up my PhD in computer science at Vanderbilt, where I study applications of MRI for studying Parkinson's disease. Outside of my work, I'm an avid coffee drinker (though I'm trying to quit), I am an avid fan of classical music, and I love all things Cleveland sports (go Brown, go Cavs, go Indians!).

Board gaming for me serves two purposes. First, it brings friends together. Whether we're cramming around the table for a round of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, or we're pushing our limits trying to outwit each other in Food Chain Magnate, board gaming brings people together and opens up a group of friends to new experiences. Second, board gaming challenges me to think differently and test my cognitive biases. Am I framing my move in A Feast for Odin based on a limited starting idea? Do I want to repeat the same action in Trajan because its primed in my mind? Am I valuing cards I purchased on earlier turns too highly in Terraforming Mars?

My favorite games tend to be heavy euros with a dose of player interaction, with games like Keyflower, Food Chain Magnate (really Splotter in general), and Dominant Species topping my list of favorite games. Though with the right group, I'm also always up for a good social deduction game.

You can reach out to me at Happy gaming everyone!