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Many board gamers out there have shelves full of games – each representing a different play style and different mechanisms. But if you like one game, how do you find similar games? If you like Game A, then what other game should you get to build upon that?

So we at Meeple Mountain coined the term “Board game step ladder”. Take one game that’s pretty standard and fairly easy to find. Then, we associate that with other games that take the concepts and core mechanics that game presents and then build upon or improve them. As you climb the ladder, the games become more involved and more challenging. As you descend, the games become easier and more accessible.

Mancala stepladder

Board Game Step Ladder – Mancala

Mancala, a game about picking things up and setting things down, has been around for quite some time. How do you elevate such a simple concept? Where do you go if you really enjoy Mancala? What’s the next step? Read on to find...

Top Six "Step Ladder" games header image

Top 6 Boardgame “Step Ladders”

New to board gaming and looking to expand? Seasoned veteran unsure of where to go from here? Can't decide which game to introduce your friends to next? Check out our Top Six “Step Ladder” games, a logical progression of games...