“Christmas in August” for Werewolf Fans, New Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Cases, Experimental Meds Expansion for Pandemic – The Cure

“Christmas in August” for Werewolf Fans, New Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Cases, Experimental Meds Expansion for Pandemic – The Cure

New Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Cases Are Coming


Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a fan favorite replete with mystery and deduction. Now players can re-enter the dimly lit world of Sherlock Holmes with Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures. This pending release will act as a stand alone game, or as expansion; reopening old cases with new information. Players will comb the city of London from Regent’s Park to the infamous neighborhood of Whitechapel looking for clues in the string of grisly murders of the city’s female residents.


Bezier Games announces “Legacy” style version of One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Bezier Games taps well known game designers Rob Daviau and Ted Alspach for a new Legacy style version of their smash hit One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Billed as Ultimate Werewolf Legacy this new game will immerse players in an environment that changes from game to game based on the decisions of the players and results of previously-played games. The game is for from 8-15 players.


Bezier Games announces One Night Ultimate Alien Kickstarter Campaign


In a move to completely dominate the social deduction game space. Bezier Games has announced the upcoming Kickstarter for One Night Ultimate Alien. In addition to allowing players to act as alien or villager roles, Bezier is introducing Dynamic Rules, a mobile application aspect which will help ensure each game is unique. More from the press release:

“In One Night Ultimate Alien, players are assigned a role, perform actions secretly during a “night” phase, and then have just a few minutes to discuss among themselves who the alien invaders are. All players vote, and the role of the player with the most votes is revealed. If it is an Alien, the Villager team wins. If it isn’t, the Alien team wins. The game takes less than 10 minutes to play, but is so addicting players may find themselves playing game after game for hours on end.
While previous One Night games took advantage of the free One Night app to guide players through night time actions, Alien relies on the app to ensure that each game has a unique set of rules for each role. These Dynamic Rules have never been used in a traditional board game before, and they breathe a gust of fresh air into the social deduction genre.”

Z-Man Plans “Experimental Meds” expansion for

Pandemic: The Cure - Experimental Meds cover

Experimental Meds

Billed as a “super expansion” Experimental Meds will include a 5th virus, “Hot Zones”, and new character roles. This expansion might debut at SPIEL 2016. Pandemic: The Cure made our list of Top 6 Dice Rolling Games so we’re really looking forward to hearing more about this one!

August’s Nashville Game Night


Once a month we get together with as many local gamers as we can to play games and have a great night supporting the Nashville gaming community. Last night was a blast and we’re so glad that we were able to meet so many new people! Special thanks goes out to Lipscomb University for hosting us this month. Also, congratulations to Bailin for winning a copy of Roll for America in our raffle!

If you are in the Nashville area, we’d love to have you join us sometime. Check out the Nashville Gaming page to see our upcoming events. If you are planning a visit to the area any time soon, make sure to contact us to see if we have any events going on during your stay!

You can also keep up to date with our events and happenings by following us on Twitter or liking our page on Facebook!

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