Indianapolis Gaming Club Surprised by 60k New Members

An Indianapolis area gaming club was taken by surprise this week when their attendance grew from just 16, to over 60,000 in a span of 3 days. The group Indy Gamers Association makes their events open to the public on the popular social media platform On July 29th they noticed their membership began increasing by double digits, until on July 30 they were gaining thousands every hour. The final tally of 61,316 was reached early on the morning of August 1.

Teresa Delecroix, president of the Butler-Tarkington gaming club, was surprised at the unexpected attendance for their August 1st, 2019 game night. “We had just assumed this was a practical joke”, Delecroix said, “until they all showed up to Petey’s house to play Pathfinder.”

“It was just, like, a sea of people. We normally get maybe 6 hardcore players and one or two looky-loos, so this was a little different,” said Vice-President Lester Hammond. “I had prepared a few snacks ahead of time, but it turns out it was not nearly enough. We had lines up the stairs, around the block, people milling around on the porch. And just one working bathroom.”

Said Delecroix after the fact, “It was simultaneously the worst game of Pathfinder I’ve ever played, but also the most fulfilling. It took us almost an hour to roll for initiative and even then Lester had to drive up and down the street in his truck to relay the results of the dice rolls. Even though we had like a million people playing our game with us, which is pretty amazing, after nine hours we’d only managed to talk with one NPC. I hope everyone returns next week! Fingers crossed.”

UPDATE: Since the news broke, Delecroix has begun receiving unusual requests from several game publishers wanting to set up booths in Petey’s backyard.


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