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Wroth is a 1-4 player area control board game that can be played competitively, cooperatively, or solo.

Players choose a faction and vie for control of the island of Wroth by drafting action dice to gain resources, deploying and moving troops, and attacking the opposition - all while trying to hold key positions and dominate the region. Wroth rewards cunning troop management and the clever use of your faction’s elite troops and powerful once-per-game abilities.

Wroth can be taught in 10-15 minutes, and is playable in roughly an hour. Wroth is Chip Theory’s way of bringing their penchant for deep strategy, asymmetry, multiple play modes and beautiful production into a concise and approachable package, all at an affordable entry point. Wroth is the perfect game to pull out at game night, even if you’ve never tried it before!

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Wroth Game Review

Wroth is a tight, lean, area-controlling machine, all taking just about as long as it says on the box. Read more in Andrew's Meeple Mountain review.

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