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In the heart of a hostile region, you're the head of a fortified village. When night falls, ferocious monsters emerge from the darkness and storm your village! To avoid carnage, organize your defenses, call in your heroes and... direct the most dangerous creatures toward your neighbors!

The game is played over two rounds, split in two distinct phases. During the day, each player selects cards to build their village, considering the best combination of buildings, the optimal positionning and also recruit powerful heroes to protect their villagers. During the night, they receive Creature cards to split between themselves and their neighbors In the best of cases, they choose to keep creatures that their defense can handle while hitting the weakest spots in your neighbor's defenses!
Finally, the Creatures attack and destroy the most exposed buildings and villagers. At the end, the player with the most surviving villagers and tamed creatures mastered is declared the winner !

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