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In Treasure Dive, players are immersed in deep sea exploration, attempting to collect all of the sunken treasures before their opponents do.

Divers strategically travel around the board to find and recover hidden treasures, but must carefully navigate through murky waters, and keep out a keen eye out for their opponents.

Treasure cards are drawn to indicate where the treasures will appear on the board. Players roll the die and move their pawns along the dotted paths. Upon landing on a hidden treasure, the player flips the piece to reveal a gold coin, diamond, jeweled ring, or silver chalice. It can also feature a boat which sends a diver back to their starting point.

Divers can strategically bump each other back to their boats, by passing through the a spot on a the board that's occupied by an opponent.

Divers may also choose to take the longer more predictable routes by staying on the dotted path, or attempt to pass through murky waters to make a quicker trip. To pass through murky waters, players draw a murky water card which indicates if they successfully pass through or not.

The first player to collect all four treasures and make their way to the center of the board wins the game.

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