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In Solar Titans, you take command of a capital ship in the Orion Centauri system and must prepare for battle with opposing vessels. Upgrade your ship, manage your crew, and engage in deep tactical combat. Keep your ship intact and adapt as the situation escalates to emerge victorious!

Solar Titans uses a unique blend of deck-building and tableau-building mechanics to offer fast-paced and strategic gameplay. You build a capital ship by placing down and connecting ship cards that represent your command deck, core systems, plating, and weapons. Your layout decisions determines the relative strong and weak points of the ship. As you play, you use crew cards from your hand to operate the ship and acquire new ship parts and crew from a market. When you are ready, fire your ship weapons at your opponent's ship. Take down their command deck to win!

Each turn allows you to make important decisions. In combat, you decide on the sequence of weapons to fire and what to target. Ship weapons differ in their attack strength, direction of attack, and special effects. Disabling the right ship modules on the opponent's ship can make all the difference. When buying from the market, you decide on whether to improve your economy, defense, offense, or utility. The market offers many powerful weapons, advanced plating, and specialized crew. You also have the opportunity to modify or perform repairs on your ship each turn - but keep in mind that your supply of field repairs are limited!

Solar Titans is designed to be easy to learn, but with gameplay that is tense and engaging. You and your opponent's capital ships will accumulate damage over time, forcing new strategies and priorities. The randomized market and gradual arrival of new ship components will also shift the dynamics of combat. You must balance between short-term gains and long-term plays, knowing that each ship may only be a few turns away from being disabled. Do you reinforce your command deck or your crew quarters? Do you fire your weapons now, or prep for a large volley? Do you take down the opponent's missiles or heavy cannon? The opportunity for almost infinite ship layout variations, the randomized market, and changing combat dynamics ensures that this game offers replayability and a sense of mastery over time.

Solar Titans suits 1 to 4 players and offers 6 distinct game modes: The classic capital ship dual (1v1), free-for-all (3-4 players), hunter killer showdown (2v2), titan ship dual (2v2), titan ambush (1v2), and a solo and 2-player co-op practice mode against a powerful automata ship.

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