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Secrets in the Sand

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The Department of Antiquities has uncovered evidence of a series of lost tombs. They have invited you, the world’s leading archaeologists, to help find the lost tombs and recover their treasures.

Each day the Minister of Antiquities will announce one new dig permit, and the first expedition to find a viable route is allowed to travel and dig. Race against competing archaeological expeditions across desert sands, through jungle oases and across rivers to find the tombs. But beware of scorpions, raiders and sandstorms along the way!

Players roll 2 dice to add their first camp to the board. Pick a Minister card which dictates the route a player must travel this turn. Players race to find a path - avoiding obstacles or using travel cards to overcome them. Once a player finds a path, they yell "Carpe Diem!" and move to their new camp and picking up a Dig card which provides a new item or event. If a player arrives ata tomb, they collect the tomb instead and roll the dice to place a new tomb.

The game ends when all tombs are discovered or an expedition runs out of dig camps - whichever occurs first. Either way, the player with the most points wins the game!

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