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Scribbletown is a roll-and-write with very low luck about building your own city. Any number of players can play simultaneously as all players use the same die results.

Players draw areas such as neighborhoods, businesses, factories, farms, and parks that each score in different ways along with drawing the roads to connect them all. Each game is made different by the inclusion of a set of special building cards that can be drawn under special circumstances for big points. These special buildings help direct players into a strategy.

But you must be careful when drawing. Certain types of roads and buildings generate waste and when you get too wasteful, an opponent can fill up one of your empty spaces with an unusable junk pile!

Since any number of players can play at a time, Scribbletown is a a great “thinky filler”–it plays in around thirty minutes, but has a ton of heavy tradeoffs without a lot of setup or teardown time. It can even be played easily over Zoom or other conference software.

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