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Ro Sham Bo is a two player strategic game of Rock Paper Scissors, where you move to position your units, engage in combat and use Artifact cards to defeat your opponent.

Designed by Alexis and Edgar Guevara with a tongue and cheek approach to its art style, this two player game played though a series of rounds. In each round each player takes a turn. In a turn a player can move, attack or collect artifacts to outwit their opponent. During an Attack and Counter Phase players use dice to battle. however Artifact Cards can influence the outcome in various ways. Artifact cards come in two forms, Passive or Immediate, these cards grant the players special abilities.

The first player to lose all of his or her pieces loses the game. If the game ends and the last Units are lost at the same time, then a single game of Rock Paper Scissors is played and the winner is decided.

There are no draws!

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