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RATS: High Tea at Sea is a print & play, roll & write boardgame for 2-6 players that’s playable over the internet, in the same room, or a combination of the two! It is preposterously easy to learn and teach, but has sneaky twists and turns that will reveal themselves every time you play - a lovely little treat for whoever fancies climbing aboard.

You’ll play through 5 turns. Each turn has three steps:

At the start of each turn, the Host rolls a pair of dice and determine a Banquet Goal.
The Host makes 3 "scavenge" rolls and rats collect supplies.
The Rats compare supplies with the Host to see who gets to take special actions. There are five different types of supply, and five different things you can do.

Goals are scored at the END of the game. The game ends after five turns. The last turn begins when you circle the 5th goal. After this final turn, the rats throw the banquet. The Host who was decided at the end of the final turn leads the rats through the Awards Ceremony, checking each circled Banquet Goal from lowest to highest number to see who won awards for each goal.

The rat with the MOST awards is deemed the most fabulous aboard and wins the ship’s only life raft. (If there is a tie, the final Host selects which rat with the most awards deserves the life raft.) Everyone applauds the winner. Finally, the rat with the FEWEST awards flips a coin. If the coin lands on heads? Congratulations! All the rats escape into the ice-cold water, moments before the ship sinks. But if the coin lands on tails? Do send our regards to the captain.

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