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Push It is a 2 to 4 player skill game that you can play anywhere with a smooth table. Push your pucks closest to the jack to win!

Push It is a tense game of skill that can be played anywhere. To win, push, flick or judo-chop your pucks so they are closest to the central jack at the end of the round. Sound simple? Well, it is! Find any smooth surface (tables are ideal, and luckily most people have them), whip out your Push It bag, and play with whoever is up to the challenge. The game is quick to learn but hard to master. Come up against a Push It maestro and you’ll soon be put in your place (Warning: friendships can suffer as direct result of Push It). Play Push It either mano-a-mano, 3 player, 4 player or our favourite and most strategic version is two teams of two.

At Push It we want you to unleash your creativity, so there are no long-winded rules or measuring; players have to argue amongst themselves to agree whose puck is closest, or else a ‘Push Off’ tie-break round decides. Only you can tell if that was really ‘cheek lifting’ and not ‘bum shuffling’. It’s all about having your own house rules, playing on different surfaces like car bonnets or pizza trays (tried and tested) and WINNING. So when the pressure is on and you’re going for that extra point (without knocking your opponent’s puck closer), try to remember – it’s just for fun!!

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