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During the last space trip, a famous game console was forgotten by a crew member of the Soyuz. It was found by some aliens, that, trying to decipher the cartridge inside it... released thousands of pieces, which drift aimlessly and dangerously through space! Now, they ask humans for help to capture the pieces and clean, thus, the space superhighways.

Intending to keep the diplomacy across the Galaxy, the International Earthling Government has organized a selection system to fing the best pieces collectors, named PLETRIX. DO YOU DARE TO JOIN IT?

Pletrix is a game of 1 to 6 players, with a Roll and Write dynamic. The goal is to fill the 5 panels of our board (A,
B, C, D, and E), using the figures obtained in the dice of the corresponding color. The player who gets the highest
score will be the winner.


There are 10 dice with the figures of the polynomials. 2 dice of each color from one of the 5 panels.


Pletrix is a Roll&Write game in which we must fill in our 5 panels. Each panel is identified with a letter and a color. To place the figures, the player must be able to choose the group of dice of the same color. You start in one of the initial cells and place the shapes always orthogonally adiacent to another.

Each panel has its own rules for placement and scoring:

A PANEL - The final score for this panel will be the result of subtracting twice the number of cells that haven´t been covered from the total number of cells in the panel. For example, if the player has left 10 cells uncovered, they will subtract 20 from the total number of cells, which is 50, so their score will be 30.

B PANEL- In this Panel, each covered cell equals one point. If there is a tie, the player with the most points on this panel will win.

C PANEL- The figures in this panel "fall from above" so they will stop where they encounter an obstacle, like Tetris. When completing a line the player will indicate whis by crossing out the corresponding circle. The panel is also divided into 2 5x5 grids, when completing one of them, the player will cross out the circle. Each crossed-out circle is worth 10 points.

D PANEL- This panel awars as many point as indicates by the star cells you have covered with figures.

E PANEL- This panel is filled from left to right. To score the value displayed by the circles, the different sections must by completely filled in. If there are any unfilled shares, the previus value will be scored. For example, the player has reached 40, but in the section from 30 to 40, there are empty cells, so the player will only score 30 points.

The most important cells within the boards are:

Start- The first figure must be always touching at least one of the star cells.

Bonus - These special cells grant actions we can activate later. When covering a Bonus cell, the player will draw a line across the corresponding cell to show they got it, and when the action is used, they will draw anoter line forming an X.

Double - Duplicate a group of dice that we´ve chosen.

Copy - Copies a single die of the ones we have chosen.

Roll: This allows you to roll the dice again. This action can only by perfomed by the active player.

1 and 2 - Give us the possibilitu to fill 1 or 2 cells. This bonus can´t be saved, it is an immediate action.

Figures - When we completely cover a figure that is highlighted on the panel, we get that figure, being able to draw it wherever we want.

Figures blocked panel C - Some figures in panel C are blocked, to unblock them we´ll have to fill them in panel D.


To star playing, each player takes a notepad and a pencil, leave the dice in the center of the table.


First, the active player throws all the dice. Then, choose 2 groups of dice to draw the figures shown on their panels. To do this, the player will have to circle the cells drawing the figure in the panel of the same color of the chosen dice. Whenever possible, it is mandatory to place the figures, if it´s not possible, mark one of the error boxes.

Then, choose a group of dice to put aside, no player will be able to use those dice during this round. The player on their left will take one of the two remaining sets of dice and the rest of the players will have to draw the figures displayed by the remaining dice.

When everyone has drawn their shapes, the player on the left will be the next active player.


The end is triggered in 2 ways. Ifa a player completes 3 panels, the game ends immediately. If a player marks the third erro box, the game ends when all players have been an active player for the same number of rounds.

At the end of the game, the score is counted. The player with the highest score is the winner. In the case of a tie, the winner is the plauer with the highestscore in panel B, and if it persists, the winner is the player with the highest score in Panel C and then in panel D.

Pletrix is a game for the whole family, easy, fast and very fun.

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