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Once Upon a Line

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Since the dawn of time, YOU, the Zephyrhymes, take control of talented beings in order to stop Tragedies that threaten the balance of the universe.

The Butterfly’s Breath
On Earth, in a not as distant future, a pandemic decimated most of the humains, leaving room for insects to become gigantic.
The survivors exploit the insects’ prodigieuse abilities to construct a new world. But all that may soon crumble.

Once Upon a Line is a narrative game played out in chapters. Embody Heros and use their actions to play on a board of scratch off ink. Uncover hidden words and take their corresponding cards. This will reveal the next part of the story as well as new words to find in order to accomplish your mission.

Fully immerse yourself in a personalized adventure
Elude traps (riddles, anagrams, palindromes, ect)
Complete your Quest before scratching off the last square on the Line of Tragedy.

—description from the designer

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