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Life of a Chameleon

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A chameleon’s life isn’t easy–constantly adapting to new environments and hiding from predators like snakes! It takes a lot of patience to sneak around and hunt bugs for food. No one truly appreciates the chameleon’s plight!

You are a chameleon just trying to make your way in this world, eating one bug at a time. Eat specific colors of bugs in the right order to win. Snatch tasty insects right out from under your opponents as you navigate the board fraught with dangerous snakes and other competitive chameleons.

Players take turns moving around the board to collect bugs of their same color. Throughout the game players roll to add more bugs to the board. As chameleons, players can change their own color in order to eat new bugs and pass safely by snakes of the same hue. The game includes 21 colored chameleon meeples for this very purpose.

As players start and complete objective cards they collect achievement cards which can help with additional actions or alternative ways to score. Whenever an objective is completed, the active player rolls a die and moves a progress marker along the game track. When the marker reaches the end, the game is over and all players tally their scores.

—description from the designer

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