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Kraken Attack!

Kraken Attack! overview

Your pirate crew is sailing the seven seas looking for adventure when the tentacles of the terrible Kraken Tootone suddenly burst from beneath the waves to attack your ship!

Quick! All hands on deck! Grab your sabers, pistols, and cannons! Join forces and coordinate your actions to save your ship before Tootone makes smashes 4 holes in your ship!

In Kraken Attack!, you use pirate skills, repair damage to the ship, and choose the best weapons possible to stay afloat and keep the kraken at bay!

On each turn, move the tentacules closer to the ship, depending on the results of your dice rolls. If they are already in the Saber Zone, DISASTER, they attack the ship!
If there is a Ship’s Rail: The Tentacle destroys the rail! Remove the corresponding rail from the board and move the Tentacle back to its BUBBLES space on the Ship board.
If there is no Ship’s Rail: The Tentacle smashes a hole in the Ship! Place a Hole token face-up on the Boat Area and move the Tentacle back to its BUBBLES space on the Ship board.

It's time to fight back! Play one action card, and apply the effects depending on the symbol(s). Don't forget the funny face if there is one on the card! It makes the kraken very angry! After completing all the actions on your card, you must move the Kraken one spot forward on the Kraken Track.

When the Kraken gets to the final spot on its Track, it’s really mad! The next Funny Face causes the Kraken to appear on the Ship board! Choose one of the Tentacles on the Ship board and replace it with the Kraken.

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