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Good Dog, Bad Zombie

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In Good Dog, Bad Zombie, you bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love. Zombies roam the city, but you and your doggo friends have found refuge in Central Bark. You’ll have to cooperate as a pack of dogs to sniff out hoomans in hiding and bring them back to safety. But beware! The danger of the city could turn your pack feral before you get a chance to build your forever home.

GDBZ aims to provide players with an immersive dog's-eye-view of the zombie apocalypse. Track down the hoomans from their smells, lick one another for boosts of energy, and bark at anything and everything!

On their turns, each player may take two actions, which can consist of running to different locations, playing energy cards from their hands, sniffing scent tokens, and giving each other licks in order to draw more energy. Each energy card has an ability, such as: Run, Herd, Bark, Chew, and Good Doggo, the last of which allows each dog to perform a unique and powerful ability. Some cards can be chained together for elaborate, tactical turns. At the end of each player's turn they will have to roll the dice in order to add another zombie to the board, which may eat unsuspecting hoomans or get into Central Bark.

If too many hoomans are eaten or too many zombies get into Central Bark, the Feral Tracker will reach 10 - and we become wild dogs, forgetting our love of hoomanity. However, if the players rescue enough hoomans (6 on easier difficulties, and 8 on expert modes), we all win the game!

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