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Extravaganza is a strategic lip-sync battle board game for 2-4 drag queens.

The game takes place over the course of a single song, made up of lyric tokens. Each of the 5 judges chooses a random dance move category that will be judged during the game.

On your turn:

BEDAZZLE: draw random rhinestones from the bag and add them to your stage area.

MOVE: like a queen in chess ;)

DRAW: draw a card, and take lip tokens depending on how many cards in the display have the same color.

DANCE: play a dance move card, spending rhinestones to increase the star-quality and earning points based on the dance move category.

LIP-SYNC: spend your lip tokens to claim lyrics of the song.

Earn points each time you play a dance move or claim lyrics, doing your best to earn 10s while also meeting the judges specific desires. Play your cards right and you just might impress the judges and earn 10s across the board!

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