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Put your deduction skills to the test in the family-friendly card game, Concluzio! Race against your opponents and be the first player to correctly guess your secret clue card. Use logic and reasoning to correctly figure out the shape, number and color of your secret card.

Tension and panic will set in as players acquire more cards, signaling that someone is close to coming to a conclusion. Will you take a risk and guess early? Or will you acquire more cards to make your guess more certain? If you guess correctly, you win! If you’re wrong,
you’re out!

In Concluzio, each player has 5 cards in hand and a 6th card facing outward towards the other players, this is each player's secret card. It's up to each player to correctly guess the 3 attributes of their secret card correctly, to win the game. On a player's turn, a player will play a card down in front of them and ask the player to their left if the card played, has any matching attributes of the secret card that player is holding. If there's a match, the other player will honestly say, yes or no. The asking player then draws another card from the draw deck. It's then up to the asking player to organize and deduce which 3 elements are on their secret card. Eventually through deduction, a player will think they have figured out what their secret card is. When a player is confident they know what their secret card is, instead of playing a card and asking, they will announce the 3 attributes on their card. For instance, "I think my secret card is a 7, black solid circle." If they are the first player to correctly guess, they win! If the player guesses any of the attributes incorrectly, they lose and are out of the game. That player must lay all their cards out into the open for other players to see.

If the draw deck runs out, players continue to play the cards they have in hand and if they still fail to guess correctly, they lose!

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Concluzio Game Review

If you feel like you’ve got it all figured out, think again: there’s plenty to ponder in Ian’s review of Concluzio from Puzzling Pixel Games!

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