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A Victory Awaits: Operation Barbarossa 1941

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A Victory Awaits: Operation Barbarossa 1941, uses a lightly modified version of the Series: A Victory Lost game system. The game covers Operation Barbarossa from June 22 to mid-September. Game play features the same chit-pull mechanics used in AVL, with 10 one-week turns. Players can play either the full campaign game, or the Army Group North, Army Group Center, or Army Group South scenarios. Each of the scenarios plays on a single map, or play the full campaign game on all three maps!

Famed prolific Japanese designer Tetsuya Nakamura returns to the East Front with A Victory Awaits.

This design was originally published as a series of three games in Japan: Fierce fight! Leningrad Blitzkrieg, Fierce fight! Smolensk Blitzkrieg & Fierce fight! Kiev Blitzkrieg.

The game also includes rules for multiplayer (four to eight players) and a series of optional rules. The rules have been expertly translated into English, with detailed assistance from the designer.

On the wide steppes of the Soviet Union can you emerge victorious from the opening blows of the Russo-German war?

Game Scale:
Each hex is about 10 miles (16 km).
Each turn is 10 days.
Units: Divisions.

Game Inventory:
Three full color mapsheets
Three dual-side printed countersheets
One 32-page A Victory Awaits rulebook
One die

Solitaire Playability: High
Complexity Level: Low
Players: (1 or) 2 or more
Playing Time: 3-15 hours

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