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Set in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, this is an 18xx game about the ragtag minor railway startups in the PNW laying the groundwork for the Major Eastern Giants as they expanded West.

Based on Francis Tresham's 1829, and more specifically inspired by Simon Cutforth's 1822: The Railways of Great Britain, this 18xx title features multiple auction rounds throughout the game, distributing the minor companies and private companies in a randomized order, ensuring each game will play out quite differently.

1822PNW builds upon previous games in the 1822 family by including a handful of community favorite private companies while adding in a variety of new regionally inspired private companies that give players a vast array of options to consider for end game route building. One of which is the addition of transporting lumber—a huge export from the region—that can't be carried by E-trains, but by engineering the right 7-train route you can add a significant amount of revenue to your bottom line.

Finally, one big departure from the '22 family is that 1822PNW does away with concessions and instead features a merger mechanic that more closely mirrors the way in which the major companies staked their claim in the PNW.

All of the features combine for a refreshing and exciting take on the genre-defining 1822 series.

—description from the designer

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