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In 12チップトリック (12 Chip Trick), a trick-taking game for exactly 3 players, the players are attempting to score the most points, but if a player scores 21 or more, their points are halved.

The game uses 12 discs, half red and half black, numbered 1 to 12. It is a "may follow" game where the players draft the discs played to the trick back to their hands. The winner takes a disc face up, not to be used again. The other players take discs face down, into their hand.

The game ends once a player has no discs to play. All players reveal their 4 discs and sum their points. The player with the most points after a number of rounds wins.

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12 Chip Trick Game Review

Sometimes, who’s winning isn’t the point. 12 Chip Trick is a triumph of the experience over the results, as Andrew discusses in this Meeple Mountain review.

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