The Board Game Horoscope – The Sting of Scorpio

What’s your sign? And what does your horoscope say about you as a board gamer? Read our Board Game Astrology feature to find out!

In our Board Game Astrology series we cover the twelve signs of the zodiac and filter their unique characteristics through a board gamer’s lens. This month we take a look at Scorpio!

  • Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Colors: Black, Crimson Red, Burgundy
Credit: Stefan Stenudd

Scorpio – An Astrological Overview

Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. Scorpios feel everything in their orbit very deeply. Scorpios can’t help but imbue their emotional enthusiasm and passion into everything they see, say, or experience.

It’s because of this intensity that Scorpios thrive on meaningful connections in their relationships – whether family and friends or the barista at Starbucks. No matter how big or small the interaction, Scorpios want it to be resonant and real. They don’t care for small talk.

A Scorpio’s highly-charged emotional ecosystem is ever-present – even though they will normally appear calm on the surface. As befitting the scorpion that represents them, Scorpios keep their powerful emotions undetectable from the outside – lurking under the surface of their (scorpion’s) protective shell. This makes Scorpios the textbook definition of  “mysterious.”

Scorpios are so inscrutable that this emotional sea ever-roiling within them will seem like a paradox. They may think that their extreme emotional intelligence flashes as big and as bright as a neon sign in Times Square, but others won’t perceive it this way at all. Instead Scorpios are usually characterized by others as aloof or uninvolved.

Since Scorpios are well-versed at tending to their own emotional landscapes it’s no secret that they are world-class at reading other people’s emotions. Hyper-intuitive and experts of human nature, Scorpios are so attuned to identifying feelings that they seem eerily psychic.

The Scorpio Board Gamer

  • Scorpios are human lie detectors and excel at social deduction games, catching every facial expression and even the slightest nuance of a person’s body language. Due to this skill they are masters at social engineering and make excellent con-artists.
  • Scorpios are also Olympic-level bluffers because they are impossible to read accurately. A Scorpio will never tip their hand unless, or until, they are ready to do so.
  • Scorpios are natural-born detectives and can quickly unravel the knottiest mysteries. Deduction games and narrative puzzles play to their investigative strengths.
  • Scorpios are impenetrable vaults which means they are always up for games with a hidden-information component where secrets are meant to be kept.
  • Games with a stronger element of intimacy lean into a Scorpio’s craving for meaningful social interactions with others. Cooperative games are very Scorpio-friendly. And Scorpios are an asset in RPGs too, because they can build trust and loyalty so effortlessly to create a wonderful chemistry within any group’s campaign.

How Scorpios Win (and Lose)

  • Scorpios are competitive. Because of a laser-focus that borders on the obsessive they keep their eyes on the prize like a Terminator chasing Sarah Connor. This can backfire if they are playing a more tactical game and are unable to pivot and keep up with the changing game state.
  • Another symbol associated with Scorpios is the Phoenix, which represents resurrection. Like this mythical creature rising from the ashes one should never count out a Scorpio during a game no matter how far behind they are. They are known for their epic, miraculous comebacks.
  • Scorpios like cooperative games but still require full independence within the group dynamics. They would be an ideal Vagabond player in a game of Root, for example.
  • With Scorpio’s need for truth in their connections comes a default distrust of others. In games requiring negotiation Scorpios should not necessarily be one’s first target. First build trust or demonstrate loyalty to a Scorpio – then they will be receptive to dealmaking or an alliance.
  • Beware when playing conflict-based games and especially “Take That” games! Scorpios sting back quickly which may seem vengeful; they do not easily forget being slighted. Scorpio players that are attacked may spend the rest of the game retaliating – even if by so doing they self-destruct and are guaranteed to lose the game. Metaphorically, the scorpion stings itself with its own tail!

Games Scorpios Play

Deduction or mystery-themed games: Mysterium, Clue, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (For more ideas check out our list of “spooky” themed games)

“Intimacy” based games – Fog of Love, Star Crossed, For the Queen

Storytelling or narrative based games – Fiasco

RPGs or RPG-hybrids: Gloomhaven, Legacy of Dragonholt

Social Deduction Games – The Chameleon, Secret Hitler, Spyfall

Asymmetrical games (group dynamic but with player independence) – Root, Twilight Imperium

Cooperative Games – Pandemic, Spirit Island

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