Cardboard Cupid – Games to Play on Valentine’s Day
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Cardboard Cupid – Games to Play on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a great way to spend some quality time with that special someone today? We've got some great suggestions for games that are perfect for two!

Ah… Valentine’s day. Love is in the air, chocolate is in our tummies, and romantic nights of board games are taking place all across the country. Well, at least we hope they are! If you still haven’t decided on what to do with your special someone, maybe you should see if a little bit of cardboard might strike up some budding flames of romance! (but please keep any open flames away from said cardboard! 😉 )

If you need some ideas, we’re here to help! We’ve brought together a collection of some of our favorite articles and reviews of two player games from the past year!

First, take a journey down lovers lane with this quaint story of an innocent first date, turned game exploration evening. This was one a big one for us last year! It showcases six two player games, that are perfect for dates, in a new and creative way.

Top Six Date Night Games (A Narrative Experiment)

Top 6 Date Night Games – A Narrative Experiment

Next up, Andy’s got his top 6 two player games! While this wasn’t necessarily a “date” themed article, the games still fit the bill perfectly!

Top 6 Two Player Games
Top 6 Two Player Games

Finally, here are a few stand alone reviews for some of our favorites!

Daxu - A Review in Three Acts
Daxu – A Review in Three Acts

Kahuna Review - Günter Cornett
Kahuna Review – Günter Cornett

Holmes, Sherlock & Mycroft review - The Explosion on the Thames
Holmes, Sherlock & Mycroft review – The Explosion on the Thames

What are some of your favorite two player games that work great for dates? Do you have any fun date night gaming stories? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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