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Casual Board Games

For some of us, board gaming is life: enjoyable, fun, intellectually stimulating, and a great way to pass the time. But some people don’t see it that way…playing games is silly, or a chore, or just plain boring. If you’re trying to get a game going with someone like that, then the games on this list are a great way to get them engaged and enjoying themselves.

Casual games are are easy to set up, have simple rules, and don’t take too long to play. You never know…that person who doesn’t enjoy games now might end up being your best playing partner…if you can just get them interested in the right games!

NMBR 9 Review

NMBR 9 is a tile laying, number stacking, cardboard lovers dream; the love child of Piet Mondrian and Euclid. If you enjoy Sudoku and other number placement style puzzles, then this game is...

Dome Crushers header image

Dome Crushers Review

Dome Crushers is a head to head, 24 card battle royale, with MtG quality artwork. Can Floodgate Games pull off a microgame? Find out in our review!

Burger Up header image

Burger Up review

In the land of fast food, the burger is king. Not just royalty, but the undisputed, heavyweight, champion of food on the go. Burger Up is looking take the crown. Read our review to find out...

Kingdomino header image

Kingdomino Review – Bruno Cathala

Who will build the best rectilinear realm and lead their kingdom to prosperity in the game of Kingdomino? Read our review to find out if this clever twist on dominos will rule your heart!

Nantucket Review – Nathaniel Levan

In today’s 2-player spotlight, we talk about Nantucket. Inspired by its bigger sibling, New Bedford, this tiny microgame about town building and whaling packs a lot of punch! Read our...