Nuts a GoGo! Game Review

"I was just about to grab Mr. Peanut!"

Nuts a GoGo! from Itten Games is a simple, but hilarious party / dexterity game. Your biggest challenge is going to be finding a copy.

Disclosure: Meeple Mountain received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This review is not intended to be an endorsement.

Have you ever been introduced to a game that you immediately knew you had to have? My first time playing Nuts a GoGo! was like that. You can teach, and play, a game in about 5 minutes—it’s one of those games that benefits from playing it multiple times in a row. In fact, you could almost say it’s not a game at all…

In Nuts a GoGo!, 2-5 players attempt to be the last one left after 2 stages of play. In the first stage, players each take one of the small dixie-sized paper cups included with the game. When gameplay starts, you reach into the box to grab, one hand at a time, as many wooden pieces as you can—dropping them into your cup. At some point, one person will grab “Mr. Peanut” (not the official name, but come on…look at him), at which point that player will begin counting down from 10. All other players have until the count reaches zero to grab as many additional  pieces as they can. The last player still grabbing has to turn over one piece to the player controlling Mr. Peanut (let’s call this person “Boss Nut”).

In the second stage, starting with “Boss Nut”, each player will call out one shape contained in their cup—tossing it back into the box. Each player in clockwise order has to put one of the same shapes back into the box, or else be eliminated. Play continues until only one player is left.

The catch is, there are many shapes (cones, rings, cubes, mushrooms, barrels, and doorknobs—my words, not theirs), and more importantly, some of these come in two different sizes. And when you’re asked to drop in a cube, it doesn’t have to be the same size as the person who called it. Since your cup is a fixed size, then working backwards tells you that smaller is better.

This cup is the size of a red Solo cup…I just have enormous hands. 😀

And that’s pretty much the game. There’s a tiny bit of strategy…make sure you’ve got at least a few of each shape, then consider going big on one or two shapes in hopes of getting some of your friends out with a well-timed call for “mushroom”.

So is Nuts a GoGo! a game? Maybe, but does it really matter? You’ll be having so much fun playing it that you won’t have time to argue.

  • Excellent - Always want to play.

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