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To amplify and support the important work of organizations committed to eliminating anti-Black racism and police brutality, Meeple Mountain is holding a board game raffle. One winner from the continental USA, Canada or the UK will receive a bundle of games created by Black designers (Blood Rage, Letter GO!, and The Game of 49). To enter, email your receipt of a donation to Campaign Zero, Black Lives Matter, or Black Legal Action Centre for at least $10.

Every $10 you donate gives you another chance to win!

The Fine Print

This raffle is open to anyone residing in the continental US, Canada, or the UK. Each participant will be given a number of entries equal to the value of the donation they made (1 entry for $10, 10 entries for $100, etc.). We will be collecting entries until Tuesday June 30th. The winner will be announced in the following days through our social media platforms and contacted directly to obtain shipping details.

To submit an entry, send an email to that includes a screenshot of your donation to one of the following three organizations:

You may choose to blur out any personal information on the receipt, so long as your name, the date, amount donated, and organization are clearly shown.

Additionally, anyone who has made a donation can receive one free entry by sharing our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts about the raffle. Simply include a screenshot of the post you shared in your email submission for one additional entry. The more people that see this, the more money we raise!

About the Games

All of the games in the prize bundle are by Black designers.

  • Eric Lang’s Blood Rage is one of the most popular board games in the world, sitting comfortably as #32 in Boardgamegeek’s Top 100 games.
  • LetterGO! is a 2018 party game designed by Marcus Ross and beautifully illustrated by Cara Ryan. In LetterGO! up to 6 players are racing to form words from the communal cards while following the round-based rules.
  • The Game of 49, designed by Mark Corsey, is a clever auction game where 2-5 players bid on specific spaces trying to be the first to get four in a row.

As wonderful as board games are, we realize that our hobby is not free from racism. We have a responsibility as designers, publishers, content creators, and fans to make board gaming an anit-racist hobby. With your donations to Black Lives Matter, the Black Legal Action Centre, and Campaign Zero, we are taking a mindful and collective step towards that goal. We thank you for giving your support and hope that you will consider seeking out games by Black designers in the future.

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Kathleen Hartin

Kathleen Hartin

Kathleen's love of board games started at a young age, and has only grown over the years. Her favourite style of games are those that involve a lot of beige, and wooden cubes.

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