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Popular Video Describes Half of Board Games’ Rules

CALGARY, AB – Released on Wednesday, a video review of the popular board game Merchants of Evalimnia features a white man in glasses explaining half of the rules necessary to play.

Howie Jones, 35, is a well-known board game reviewer. “So, uh, the game is about merchants, who, I guess they live in Evalimnia?” says Jones in his twenty minute long unscripted video. “Anyway, you have to get all of your apprentices on the board to win, which you do by using resources to get more Master Points.

The cardboard is really thick. So the game is good value.

Jones continues for the next five minutes describing the components, three of which he refers back to during the rest of the video.

The review has amassed over 5000 views, with a large portion of traffic coming from the games’ Kickstarter page where the video is linked prominently.

The cardboard is really thick. So the game is good value,” says Jones, who received the game for free in exchange for the review.

When asked for comment on his promotional offers, Jones said he’s available for both reviews and previews. “Previews will cost more, but they work well for a lot of publishers. I can do the video quicker since I don’t have to actually play the game.

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Kurt Refling is the former curator of Ottawa board game café Monopolatte. When not playing an egregious amount of board games, Kurt spends his time swing dancing, cooking, and pretending there are more hours in the day than there really are.

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