Kickstarter Creator Promises Multiplayer Mode as Stretch Goal

There are a plethora of board games on Kickstarter right now, but none are quite as hot as the new solitaire adventure from newcomer Julia Meerkat – Soloing: Thanks For All the Fish. Soloing is a delightfully charming game about a dwarf on a quest to feed his fellow villagers before they all die a horrible death due to starvation.

“In the game of Soloing, you play the part of a dwarven fisherman whose village has fallen under the spell of an evil sorcerer. The village is locked in stasis and the villagers, unable to move or speak, are starving. As the lone dwarf capable of seeing to the needs of the townsfolk, you’re going to have to work hard and fast to not only feed everyone, but to also find a way to lift the enchantment.” explains Meerkat.

“You’ll have to battle the elements to get to the best fishing spots where you’ll be at the mercy of the gods. If the gods are pleased with you that day, you’ll go home with a hefty catch. Displease them, however, and the news won’t be quite as good. People will starve and the population will decrease.”

She smiles knowingly.

“The upside to that is that a lower population means there are fewer fish you’ll need to catch and you’ll be able to spend more of your time unraveling the sorcerer’s spell. So you’ll have to find the right balance between foraging, feeding, and research if you want to be successful.”

Soloing hit its $100,000 funding goal just 15 seconds after the campaign launched, a Kickstarter record, and has been knocking down stretch goals ever since. As the campaign has worn on, a lot of backers have been clamoring for a multiplayer variant. This morning, with only 14 hours left in the campaign, Julia officially announced that there was going to be one final push for one last stretch goal – the multiplayer mode that everyone’s been hoping for.

When Perfect Information Press asked her about the decision, Meerkat replied: “A last minute, untested multiplayer mode added to a game specifically designed to be played by a single individual; what could possibly go wrong with that?”

What, indeed?

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