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WolfWalkers: My Story

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In WolfWalkers: My Story, two players compete to create a grid using cards from a shared deck, with those cards bearing illustrations from the Wolfwalkers movie.

Each turn, you take one of the six available double-sided cards and place it in your grid, taking either one of the two Objective cards that indicate how you can score points or one of the four Story cards that will help you fulfill these objectives. Objectives come in three types: shapes that reward a specific arrangement of cards, arrows that reward the placement of certain icons in the same row or column as the objective, and equations that reward the same number of certain icons anywhere in your 5x5 grid. Each card you place after the first must be adjacent to another card. After both players have completed their grid, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.

The game includes an expansion that provides more options for players and more interaction, with Permanent cards that change gameplay in general and Opportunity cards that allow you a special once-per-game ability. For a small change in gameplay, add one Permanent card of your choice; for more advanced play, add one Permanent and three Opportunity cards at random. With 15 permanent cards and 25 opportunities cards, no two games will be alike.

With a second copy of WolfWalkers: My Story, you can play the game with up to four players.

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