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Al Capone famously said "You can get pretty far in life with a Smile, but you can get a lot farther with a Smile and a Gun"

With a Smile & a Gun is a fist-clenching game of intrigue and sneakiness, where 2 Criminal Gang leaders fight over the domination of a City’s underground businesses during a very Noir Prohibition Era. They will have to out think their rival, send the Police in their business, use their Network’s abilities, and decide when to lay low and when to go all-out.

Mechanically speaking, With a Smile & a Gun is a dice drafting, area majority game, about taking the last 4, not because you need it, but because your opponent does. Every round, 13 dice will be rolled into a pool. A player will draft two dice: one for their movement around the city, which will place influence, and one for an action.

After both players have gone three times, the Character (one of 5, which changes each game) will use the leftover die for their own movement, affecting the game in their own way. The player who attracted the least attention (lowest sum of Action dice) will get a special Scheming action, and then majorities will be scored for each district.

The player with the most points after 3 rounds wins the game!

—description from the designer

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