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Vinyl: Jukebox

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Bring your bag of quarters because the party is about to begin! Jukebox is a fast-playing 2-player game that is easy to learn and plays in around 20 minutes.

In Vinyl: Jukebox, your goal is to create the best playlist by organizing your 45s in not-so-easy ways. All the while, racing to earn public scoring conditions and completing private goals for maximum points.

Jukeboxes play records called 45s and they come in five genres, three decades, and have great songs on side A and B. To collect these 45s, players must draw a variety of coins from their bag until certain record-earning conditions are met- but no fast, bebopper! Draw too few coins and you might not earn any record. Draw too many coins and you might end up helping your opponent!

As 45s are acquired, they need to be arranged in a 3x3 grid inside your jukebox. When a row or column is completed, their arrangement will affect which public scoring bonuses you can earn and determine if you have completed your private goals. As you fill your jukebox with records, you’ll be pulled back and forth between the competing needs of the various scoring objectives. Which ones do you go for? Did your strategy work? Will you end up on top? We’ll find out when a player acquires their ninth 45s and the end game is triggered. Count up your points the person with the most wins!

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