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Urbino is a semi-abstract city-building game played on a 9 by 9 square board.

Each player has 18 houses, 6 palaces and 3 towers of their color. Additionally there are two neutral architect figures on the board. On their turn players may reposition one of the architects who look in orthogonal and diagonal directions targeting at spaces where buildings may be placed. There are some building rules which further restrict the placement options.

In the end, when there are no more architect moves left, the town is evaluated. The different buildings score one, two or three points in quarters you have the majority. Special monuments like town walls, ducal palaces or cathedrals score twice as many points. The player with the highest score wins.

—description from the designer

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Urbino Game Review

Can a relatively abstract game about two architects seeking out the best places to build city districts be worthy of your attention? Read our review of Urbino...

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