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Two Stacks is a cooperative card game where players try to use all their cards together without getting stuck! Each turn, a player can play multiple number cards in consecutive order while also using bridge cards and special cards to jump between numbers. Roles and card colors limit what cards each player can play, so players strategically pass cards to each other to develop winning combinations. Roles also keep players engaged by switching during the game.

Each turn consists of three phases: draw, play, pass. Players try to avoid getting stuck with cards they cannot play. If everyone gets stuck, the game is a loss. Players win by playing all of the cards in their hands.

—description from the designer

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Two Stacks Game Review

If Uno was actually a clever co-op game, you might wind up with Two Stacks! Read our review of Two Stacks to find out if it’s for you. If you’re not sure about...

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