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Twin Stars: Adventure Series

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Two cosmic adventurers are in a tricky scenario and must work together. By rolling and manipulating dice for special abilities and combos, you can be the one that guides them to victory.

Twin Stars solo system by Jason Tagmire and Mike Mullins. A session uses just 3 cards and players provide their own dice and coins/tokens. Scenarios and characters can be interchanged with others for a very different gaming experience.

Twin Stars: Adventure Series I is a collection of 6 Twin Stars scenarios and 12 characters, making for 396 unique combinations and tons of solo replayability:

Scenario 01: Escape the Brig
Scenario 02: Confine the Quarks
Scenario 03: Rule the World
Scenario 04: Stop the Virus
Scenario 05: Steal the Plans
Scenario 06: Hunt the Bounty

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