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Tiny Ninjas: Puzzle Battle

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Building puzzles is one thing, but building them the FASTEST is what really counts!
Tiny Ninjas: Puzzle Battle contains six, 5x7” double-sided puzzles
with gorgeous artwork featuring 12 of your favorite Tiny Ninjas characters.

Each puzzle consists of just 24 pieces - sounds easy right?
Well when you only have a few minutes the dynamic changes dramatically!
Plus with them being double-sided you’ll need to determine both the location for
the piece as well as the correct side to use. #doublethepuzzle

Race against the clock with included sand-timers for 2, 3, and 5 minutes.
With two game modes suitable for all ages and groups.
Select your difficulty, flip the timer, and let the chaos begin!

Score points on which sand timer is used and your largest completed
section as you battle it out to be the puzzle solving champion.

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