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From publisher's website:

As long as there has been language, there has been storytelling. One of our oldest traditions, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, it's a great way to teach, to learn, or to just have fun! And it has never needed a screen or batteries.

Now it's your turn to roll your very own story with Story Time Dice! Suitable for all ages and any number of players, these seven big, chunky polyhedral dice come in a variety of fun shapes, and with a quick roll will help you spin a million grand tales. Pit 12 heroes against 10 villains in 6 settings, using 20 tools and 8 vehicles to overcome 6 obstacles and claim 6 prizes! Can you create an adventure in which a lost diver thwarts a robot in a haunted house using music and a time warp to collect a valuable treasure? It's all up to the dice, and your imagination!

This Story Time Dice set includes:
3 six-sided dice with settings, obstacles and prizes
1 eight-sided vehicles die
1 ten-sided villains die
1 twelve-sided heroes die
1 twenty-sided tools die
1 guide to every icon on the dice
4 recommended games to play: Once Upon a Time, One by One, Heroes & Villains (see below), and Rescue Operation

Once Upon a Time and One by One are different styles of storytelling.

Rescue Operation
Have each player roll the hero die and the vehicle or tool dice to determine his/her character and their abilities. When all players have finished, one player rolls the villain, obstacle and setting dice and uses them to create a sticky situation for their character. The other players then must use their characters' abilities and teamwork to create a story in which they rescue their friend. The captured character can make their job more difficult by rolling more obstacles and villains into the story!

Heroes & Villains
One player rolls the hero die to create a character, then rolls the tool die three times and the vehicle die once to create their character's arsenal. The other player does the same, using the villain dice instead of the hero. The villain begins the story by using their character and arsenal to turn the situation against the hero. The hero then continues the story by trying to beat the villain. Players continue taking turns. The game is over when one player can't image how they could possibly win!

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