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Transform the city of Sriracha into a coastal paradise!

Sriracha is a fun and challenging resource management game in which you and your friends take the role of builders competing to make the most of their precious time and resources. Decisions need to be made at every step of the game. Do you want to take turns early to get access to the ship carrying the resources you want before anyone else takes it? Or perhaps if you take turn a bit later you can get a better deal?

Be careful and choose wisely because every ship comes with a mandatory project you must try to complete as soon as possible. You must collect enough resources for the projects you have in order to complete them. Completing a project not only grants you victory points, but also additional resources to be allocated into other ones! Can you become victorious in this battle of wit after three rounds?

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Sriracha Game Review

Sriracha isn’t just a hot sauce, it’s also city in Thailand, and a fun, family-weight game about managing a seaport. Check out our review of Sriracha from Siam...

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