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A political strategy board game for 2 to 4 players where players take on the role of political leaders looking to acquire seats in different states to form a majority, climb on the development and culture tracker to build their political engine and use strategy or aggression cards to enhance their progress. The art work is inspired by George Orwell's famous book - Animal farm.

Game play:
1. Players pick 2 leader cards each and select any 1 leader that they will use to play throughout the game. Each leader has a unique ability that helps them in the game and some initial wealth that they start.

2. Turn order is defined by the leader card selected. On a players turn the player first collects 3 sheep tokens from the bank (these represent voters). The player then proceeds to play any 2 actions from the following:
Seat action: Player gives sheep token to take any seat in a state. Each seat within the state has a number mentioned on it that represents how many sheep tokens are required to acquire that seat. Upon doing so players can collect the benefits mentioned for the state.
Card action: Player may play a card from their hand
Tracker action: Player may spend 2 moolah tokens to move up on either development or culture tracker
Power action: Player may discard power tokens to remove an opponent from their state
State action: Player may use any one benefit of a state they have formed a majority in

Players form a majority by acquiring more than 50% of the seats in a state. Upon forming a majority, the player gets victory points equivalent to the total number of seats in that state.

There are also 3 trackers in the game - Development, Culture and State.
The development and culture tracker can be climbed by acquiring seats in a state that provides the development or culture benefit.
State tracker can be climbed by getting a seat in any new state.

The first player to reach level 5 on the trackers gets 4 victory points.

The game ends when any one condition is met:

A player has reached 21/23/30 points in a 4/3/2 player game
All states have a majority or are full

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