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Rankster is a wildly different co-operative quiz game where you have to agree how you would rank famous people (and your friends). Simple but hilarious -

1- Turn over three character cards.

2- One player is the Judge who takes a question card, reads it to themselves, and secretly decides how they want to rank the characters on the basis of the question. They then read the question aloud to the other players.

3- The other players chat and have to all agree how they think the Judge has ranked the characters. Reveal the answer. If the players guessed the correct ranking everyone wins the round; if not everyone loses.

Q: Who would you choose as the drummer in your rock band?
—Hermione Grainger
—George Washington

Start a new round, reveal three new characters and the next player becomes the Judge. Play until all players have been the Judge. You all win if you have succeeded more often than failing. It leads to hilarious arguments but it's not easy!

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