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Plakks is a fast-paced and exciting wooden football game that's perfect for players of all ages. Made from recyclable materials, this game is not only fun but also environmentally friendly.

Players can customize their players with their favorite teams, creating a unique and personalized experience every time they play. The game features a set of wooden sticks that represent the football players on the field, and players must use their skill and strategy to beat their opponent. The game is played as follows:

•START SHOOTING: After the initial draw, one of the players starts by kicking the ball with his finger to try and score a goal.
•OPPONENT'S TURN: The opponent kicks from where the ball was left, and so on until one of the two opponents scores a goal.
•GOOOAL: The opponent who has conceded a goal has to remove one of his players and kick off from the point within his penalty area.
•WINNER: Wins the player who has managed to leave the opponent without any players, including the goalkeeper.

With its high-quality components and extensive customization options, Plakks is the perfect game to enjoy the most epic football matches with your friends and family. Whether you are a passionate football fan or just looking for a fun and competitive game, Plakks is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment and excitement.

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