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Players fight for control of locations by commanding birds of their own, and other players’ flocks. Earn points and command woodland creatures by having the most birds on a location, pushing your foes off the perch, and breaking ties to take the lead.

With a modular tile configuration and a variety woodland creatures to control, each game will present a new tactical challenge.

Each round, players add their birds into a shared bag. Players then draw birds of their own, and other players take turns stacking birds on location tiles. Each location tile will award variable points for majorities and sometimes grant players a unique ability.

The game ends after 5 rounds, and the player that has earned the most points wins!

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Perch Game Review

So, you think your flock's big enough to take over this fence? Those are fighting words. Find out if you've got what it takes to dislodge your opponents in our...

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