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Obelisk is a cooperative, tower defense, strategy game.

The Queen is away on an adventure and she has left her advisers (the players) in charge until she returns. Everything was going well until Stone Demons started appearing from a nearby portal. Prove your worth to the Queen by capturing all the Demons before they escape!

The game is played in Turns which consist of two phases: Day time and Night time. Each Turn starts in the Day, where players may simultaneously perform a number of actions from the four available options. After all players have acted, Night begins. Every Night, Stone Demons come out of the Portal and move from tile to tile following the arrows. Players use Towers to snare Demons and the sunlight turns them back into stone. Stones are resources the players can spend during the next Day to upgrade Towers. After all Demons move, Day begins. Continue cycling through Day and Night until: players have captured all the Stone Demons from the Cave, any Demon walks off the map, or steps on the same Tile twice during the game.

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Obelisk Game Review

When the Queen’s away, the demons come out to play. It’s up to you to put a stop to the demon invasion and impress the Queen. Read our review of Obelisk.

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