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In NAWALLI, a creature battle card game based on Aztec mythology, you take on the role of a shapeshifting sorcerer known as a Nawalli to summon Nawals — allies such as creatures of the forest, ghosts, and monsters to battle in the arenas.

The game comes with four partially pre-built decks, representing Aztec gods from the four directions: Tezkatlipoka, Tlalok, Ehakatl, and Xipe Totek. In the main game mode, players select one deck, then draft a complementary team of creatures, items, and spells before doing battle in the arena.

Each creature you summon has unique abilities based on the twenty Aztec Daysigns, e.g., Eagle allows your creatures to fly one lane over to attack, Jaguar allows shifting one lane before attacking, and Snake allows eating defeated Nawals to absorb their powers.

Nawals can be combined together to create a hybrid creature with more health, power, and both sets of abilities. Shapeshifting a Nawal restores its life completely, so finish off your opponent's wounded creatures to avoid giving them a powerful play.

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NAWALLI Game Review

NAWALLI brings Mesoamerican religious beliefs to the gaming table, in the form of a tight and tense lane battler. Read more in this Meeple Mountain review.

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