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The Singing Monsters are the denizens of the Monster World – they live to sing and can be bred to create more Monsters. In My Singing Monsters: The Board Game, players can choose one of five Monsters to represent them as they go from Island to Island, levelling up their abilities to be the first to cross the finish line.

My Singing Monsters: The Board Game, is a strategic worker placement set in the world of My Singing Monsters that is designed to grow with players’ skills. Players can start simple and add new components and rules over time. The expandable gameplay experience allows players to start easy and build up to a full-on strategy game. The evolving gameplay makes the game ideal for all players, from casual gamers and families to the more strategic and experienced board gamer.

After setting up the desired level of difficulty through the addition or subtraction of Islands, each player will draw three Single-Element Monsters that correspond to their selected player board. On a turn, players will place a Monster from their hand onto an available slot on an Island. Each Island has a different action which is triggered when a Monster is played on it. In addition to the Island's effect, players will breed a new Monster to add to their hand and receive Element tokens matching the Monster they've just played that. These Element tokens are placed on a Music card, that once filled, is scored to advance a player's position on the score track. The end of the game is triggered when a player enters the final row of the score tracker, denoted in green. All players will have one final turn before final scores are tallied and a winner is determined.

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