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Mission Complete is a unique cooperative card game of ever changing communication rules. Play the right cards at the right time & use each opportunity to communicate your common mission to win the game.

All players are working together in order to complete 3 missions before the deck of cards runs out.

Each round players are playing a single card that will change their communication restrictions for the following round.

If players manage to play all cards of different colors, they gain 1 part of their mission - a Target or a Task.

Once both the Target & the Task is known, the correct player has to complete it. That is why communication is key to success.

Use every possibility to communicate and plan your turns ahead, because each player will only be able to talk 3 times at most during the game. And a mission can’t be completed without being able to talk!

Everyone loses together if the deck of cards runs out -OR- everyone wins by completing 3 missions first!

—description from publisher

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