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Your goal in Milestones is to score as many points as possible as a team, but throughout the game you'll each be working on a goal individually with very limited communication during play.

To set up, divide the deck of cards into three piles according to their difficulty. Each player draws a goal card of their choice and keeps it hidden. Flip the three-minute sand timer to begin play. To start, one player rolls all six dice, which have the numbers 1-6 on the sides with a different color on each side. Players then take turns in clockwise order grabbing and re-rolling as many dice as they wish from what lies on the table. If at any time the die results allow you to complete your goal card in hand, place that card on your "completed goals" pile, then draw a new card from the pile of your choice. Sample goals are have three dice with the same number, have three dice of the same color in sequence, have no visible red or black dice, or have a pair of a certain color and a different pair of a certain number at the same time.

When the sand timer runs out, tally the points for completed goals. To make the game more challenging, you can shuffle all of the goal cards into a single deck or you can lay out 1-4 public special goals at the start of the game; if you fail to complete all of the special goals, then your final score is 0 no matter what else you do.

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