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Mighty Mice

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Mighty Mice can be accommodate 2-5 players as a competitive game and 2-8 players as a co-operative game

To start, place an elephant in the center of the table and divide the mice evenly among the players. The first elephant is the base on which all mice or other elephants will be piled. Throw the dice, then add one or several mice or an elephant on top of the previous element. A steady hand, strategy and luck are definitely your best assets! Any mice that fall while you are adding to the structure become yours. Be the first player to dispose of all your mice to win!

In the co-operative game, players pick 15-24 mice dice (depends on the age of the players) and try to place all of the mice on top of the structure while the elephants try to interfere. All players win together when all of the mice are placed.

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