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Mayan Curse

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A group of archeologists just made the headlines. After decoding an ancient Mayan manuscript, they found the location of a secret temple in the jungles of El Salvador. The document revealed the existence of an unknown secret city, that can only be seen from the top of a large, circular temple.
The secret passage to reach the temple is a set of very large stone slabs sitting on stone rolls. These sit above an ancient river, believed to be a passage from the living world to the Underworld…

Slide stone slabs and race to create a path to discover stelae (monuments) and perhaps even ascend the temple to view the ancient city. But beware of the boulders that will be triggered along the way. They may trap you forever if you don’t move quickly!

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Mayan Curse Game Review

The race is on in Mayan Curse, where players must carefully traverse an ancient temple. Read on to see if this adventure is more Raiders of the Lost Ark or...

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